Scram Jones and Statik Selektah reminisce on the pre-Serato days (and even the early Serato days) in this in-depth talk on spinning records. Scram’s new album Beast Music coming soon on Nature Sounds.


  1. gold price says:

    just realized Namvc is the same guy that started the ‘vinyl is dead’ thread because he couldn’t get top dollar out of his turntables (during a global recession). lost some credibility there.Namvc is also a guy who has created a term we labeled here as:OGGERCIDEIt’s a dramatic way to end an account on Discogs. Trolling away for days his former account: ELECTRORICH thought stalking me on Discogs was smart, until he could not take no more and deleted his account.

  2. dieta says:

    My idea from the jump was to limit the current immortal demo of serato video into a 30 days now its off until you pay plugin, that way you cant just DL the demo they go play with ME for the rest of your career. That way you HAVE to buy SV, who cares if your acutually USING it or not. Serato KNOWS the limitations they face encoding for multiple platforms, its NOT gonna compete.

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